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VPS One Click Install Web Apps

No fuss & perfect installation every timeOne Click Install Web Apps

Use our one click install scripts to speed up your server configuration and ensure a hassle-free, perfect installation. All installs and software are completely free and use the latest available versions of the scripts.

To use our VPS one click installs you will need a clean virtual server running CentOS 6.

WordPress One-Click Install

Powering millions of websites, including some of the world’s top brands, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on offer. It offers great flexibility and scalability thanks to the huge range of plugins and themes available.
Our free WordPress one-click install helps you get your website up and running in seconds, so you can get to work on the styling and content straight away. There are no limits to how many installs or websites you can have. Teamed with a NetMediaSolutions VPS, you benefit from fast, optimised and SEO-friendly websites ideal for visitors from all over the world.

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Magento One-Click Install

NetMediaSolutions Magento hosting provides all the features you need to create and grow your online store. Magento is a highly scalable and very powerful ecommerce platform which allows you to develop a large store with unlimited product and category listings. Payment processing, reporting, order management, CRM tools and much more are all built in as standard, and you have complete control over the design, content and functionality.
With our Magento one-click install, you can save time downloading and uploading many thousands of files and skip the long installation process. Simply head to the Scripts tab of your VPS control panel to get set up quickly and easily. Please note that our Magento one click install is only available for virtual private servers due to its resource requirements

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Joomla One-Click Install

Joomla is a feature-rich content management system that can be used to power a huge range of different websites. From galleries to blogs to ecommerce sites, Joomla is extremely adaptable and will cater for almost all needs. With a helpful support community and an extensive range of extensions and templates, Joomla has lots of loyal users.
With our free one-click install, you can save time by installing Joomla on your NetMediaSolutions VPS in seconds - great for quick multiple installs without the hassle of downloading and uploading files or following installation processes. 

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Drupal One-Click Install

Drupal is a highly customisable content management system (CMS) with thousands of modules, themes and plugins to extend and alter its capabilities. Winner of multiple Open Source CMS awards Drupal is ideal for those wanting a versatile and expandable web content solution. 

Drupal CMS can be used for a wide range of sites, including single and multiple user blogs, forums, communities, magazines, e-commerce solutions, photography showcases, galleries and much more.

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OpenCart One-Click Install

OpenCart is a powerful, user friendly, and feature rich ecommerce solution, designed to help users of all experience levels create and manage an online store.
OpenCart comes with features normally associated with expensive enterprise level software such as multiple currency support, comprehensive sales reports and integrated search engine optimisation tools. As well as the built in tools, OpenCart benefits from a very active community of developers and designers, creating new tools and templates allowing you to fully customise the functionality and appearance of your store.

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Concrete5 One-Click Install

Concrete5 is a powerful CMS built with every level of web design experience in mind. The easy to use WYSIWYG style editing features make it easy for site owners to make changes on the fly with no previous web design experience. The software is also perfect for web designers and developers looking for a purpose built CMS designed to be as flexible as you need it to be.
Concrete5 can be used for a wide range of sites, including personal and business websites, forums, communities, magazines, e-commerce solutions, photography showcases, galleries and much more. Moodle

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LAMP Stack One-Click Install

This open source software stack allows you to create and deploy applications entirely on your own terms, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution no matter what projects you have in mind. Our LAMP stack includes Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl and Python to provide a comprehensive web development platform with unlimited potential.
Your LAMP stack can be installed quickly and easily thanks to our simple one-click install. Simply head to the Scripts section of your NetMediaSolutions VPS control panel to get LAMP set up. 

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Prestashop One-Click Install

PrestaShop e-commerce software helps you sell online using your own website. Unlike auction websites there are no limits or listing fees, giving your business the best head start and allowing you full control over your store’s design and functionality. 
NetMediaSolutions PrestaShop web hosting makes setting up your e-commerce store even easier thanks to fast installation, state-of-the-art UK servers and a whole host of other benefits.

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Minecraft One-Click Install

Minecraft is an addictive block-placing building and adventure game based online. Set up your own Minecraft game server in seconds using our one-click install for VPS, and explore the virtually infinite world through various modes of play.
Our one-click install of Minecraft is free of charge to all NetMediaSolutions VPS customers. We recommend one installation per VPS, but there are no limits on how many VPS you can purchase to install and run Minecraft on.

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phpBB One-Click Install

phpBB is one of the most popular message board applications available. Offering a huge range of features as standard for forum users, you can extend its capabilities even further with hundreds of free mods. Whether you want to stay in touch with a small group of friends or are looking to set up a large multi-category board for a corporate website, phpBB has the features you need built-in.


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Zencart One-Click Install

Zen Cart helps you sell online from your own website. Avoid listing fees and enjoy complete control over how your products are presented, helping you to increase your profits and strengthen your brand.
With Zen Cart you can develop your own powerful ecommerce website which can be supplemented by add-ons for even more functionality. Zen Cart has an active support community with fast responses and plenty of experts on hand to help you with questions or issues.

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TomatoCart One-Click Install

Using TomatoCart e-commerce software you can create your own online store to sell your products online under your own terms and with no listing fees. TomatoCart has a lightweight framework for easy updates and faster loading times, and can be installed quickly and easily via NetMediaSolutions.
Our TomatoCart hosting helps you get your shop online in a matter of minutes, and all websites are hosted on our fast UK servers with 24/7 UK-based support should you need i

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MediaWiki One-Click Install

Build your own Wikipedia-style wiki. Fully customisable and with extensive image support, you can create a text- or image-based wiki in seconds, and allow users to sign up and contribute their own content.

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CMS Made Simple One-Click Install

CMS Made Simple is a lightweight yet feature-rich platform for creating websites. Built to help designers and developers create attractive, fully functional sites quickly and easily for clients, CMS Made Simple is a great choice for freelancers and agencies intending to pass website management on to clients at the end of a project. Our CMS Made Simple one click install makes it even quicker to get websites online – install in seconds from your VPS control panel.

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SugarCRM One-Click Install

Manage your customer relationships with our one click SugarCRM install, an advanced application tool to help you organise accounts, contacts, calls, meetings, sales leads and much more. A handy dashboard shows the most successful leads, the sales pipeline, and the month-by-month outcomes for opportunities.

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StatusNet One-Click Install

Set up a free social network with enterprise features thanks to StatusNet. Our one click install means you can get StatusNet set up in seconds on your NetMediaSolutions VPS, and start developing your community or help your team communicate more efficiently. Designed for easy collaboration, problem-solving and sharing ideas, StatusNet is an excellent free solution for small and medium businesses looking to streamline workflows
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Bugzilla One-Click Install

Report, track and fix bugs with our Bugzilla one click install for VPS. Bugzilla is a highly popular system used by organisations such as Mozilla, Gnome, Open Office and The Apache Project. Perfect for software and hardware development, system administration, deployment management and much more, Bugzilla is packed with handy features and is under active development thanks to a dedicated team of enthusiasts

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Elgg One-Click Install

Elgg is a social network engine which is ideal for organisations of all sizes looking to create their own fully-functional social environment with minimal effort. Elgg benefits from an active online community which offers advice and guidance, and features a wide choice of plug-ins to help you customise the system in line with your needs.

Set up this award-winning software for free with our no-fuss one-click install to start building your very own social networking system on your virtual private server

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Gallery One-Click Install

Gallery is an open-source photo album organiser, helping you manage your photography online. Ideal for all kinds of websites, Gallery makes it simple to upload new images, change existing ones and present your images attractively. Audio and visual media can also be managed using Gallery, which is free to NetMediaSolutions VPS customers via our one-click install.
Gallery is open-source and has been designed based on the feedback of its large community of users, who also offer support and advice via the Gallery forum.

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Moodle One-Click Install

Designed especially for e-learning sites, Moodle is a Learning Management System that helps you create your own virtual learning environment. This popular web app is ideal for conducting fully online courses and can be tailored to suit large educational establishments or smaller projects like primary school groups, small businesses, and individual hobby websites.

Our one click install of Moodle means you can install it in seconds on your VPS with no lengthy uploads, downloads or configuration required. Just head to your VPS control panel to get started. 

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